Succession Planning & Family Governance

Multigenerational wealth transmission requires a firm understanding of a family’s needs before being able to identify and implement any meaningful succession or family governance plan. Whether wealth is comprised of bankable assets, a family business, property or trophy assets, the fundamentals do no change. Supporting families through this journey is our defining core.

Family Office

A family office can take any number of legal forms and mean different things to different people but all family offices have at their core the objective to provide and source independent and operational capabilities in managing wealth. Rhone is well placed to provide operational assistance and guidance to family offices and the Partners are personally on the board of several key client family offices.


Finding the inertia and momentum needed to implement a succession plan is not always easy due to the inherent dynamics of each and every family. At Rhone we believe that it is a family’s core responsibility to future generations to ensure that adequate consideration is given to wealth transmission and we spend a great deal of time with families in making sure they are comfortable with the concepts and objectives prior to taking the first step.


Philanthropy is very personal but is becoming more strategic and structured within families as it starts to define family values over generations. There is a clear synergy between philanthropy and succession planning and our heritage has ensured a firm understanding of the importance of the link between the two.

Rhone High Value Asset Services

Yachts, private jets, classic cars and art collections: these are aspirational assets, the goals that people strive for, the realisation of their dreams. Assets that inspire passion. But they are also financial assets that must be carefully structured and managed to avoid potential legal and fiscal problems and to ensure that the complexities of ownership do not conspire to make the passion fade. Rhone High Value Asset Services assists, guides and advises clients in all matters relating to high value asset ownership to ensure that these assets can be enjoyed for now and generations to come.

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